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Which Pillow Is Right For Me?

We all know the importance of proper posture. Most of us had parents that would call us out if we were slouching. I know my mother was the first person to let me know that I was sitting or standing with poor posture. Unbeknownst to me, she was saving me from pain and discomfort down the road. We all see people everyday with poor posture, be it forward head posture, slouching while sitting or one hip hiked up to one side.
Just like muscles, joints have a memory. If we are constantly looking down, slouching, or sitting in awkward positions, our bodies start to take the form of these habits.
I have a lot of patients ask me about which type of pillow should I use. I start off by explaining about the best sleeping position. I have many people tell me that they sleep on their sides. I am fortunate enough to have studied these effects and have seen x-rays of patients necks while in this position. Think about it, if we are turning our heads to the side for 6-8 hours, evently our body will start to remember this position. This is one of the major causes of neck and upper back pain. The best sleeping position is on your back. You are never more relaxed than in this position. With that said, you need to have the proper support. That’s why I recommend and sell the Proper Pillow in my office. It helps recreated the normal curve of 20-40 degrees of a curve while lying on our back. The pillow is one of the most comfortable pillows I have found on the market. Their research proves the effectiveness of the pillow and they have great resources on their website.

I highly recommend this pillow to all my patients. I have been sleeping with it for the past year and will never go back to the old style pillows that we see in all the department stores.

We always have them in stock and I am more than happy to discuss the benefits of a proper pillow. Call our office today to learn more!