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How the coronavirus infects human cells

By: David Seaman The novel coronavirus that emerged in late 2019 called SARS-CoV-2 enters cells by binding to an enzyme called angiotensin converting enzyme-2 (ACE2). I have noticed that this enzyme is referred to by many as the ACE2 receptor. You should understand that ACE2 is NOT a receptor, it is an enzyme. The primary […]

Dry Needling

Dry needling, in it’s current application has been known about since the late 1970’s. Karel Lewit observed that inserting a hollow bore needle produced the same positive response as did injecting a patient with medicine. Around the same time Dr. Gunn was doing work with solid filament needles. The goal of dry needling is to […]

The Case For Maintenance Care, A Review of the Literature

Evidence Based Chiropractic Maintenance Care by Joe Siragusa, DC, FACO, M.Ed., CAE It sounds like something out of an old chiropractic philosophy seminar but… chiropractic maintenance care has been shown to have clinical value. That is exactly the conclusion of a paper (literature review) published in the journal Chiropractic and Manual Therapies. In the November […]