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Therapeutic Exercise

Individualized Exercise Program

Therapeutic exercise programs involve evaluation of an individual’s movement, physical capabilities, body type, and activity level in order to prescribe exercise and other physical means to help improve function.  The exercise program’s pacing, specific exercises, and amount of practice with Dr. Gibson will vary depending on the condition and the individual’s needs.Developing the right exercise for the individual sometimes requires trial and error, reviewing the person’s response to the exercise, and adjusting the exercise accordingly.

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Proper Exercise Technique

The proper exercise technique allows the patient to isolate the desired muscle that increases the effectiveness of an exercise. Dr. Gibson will instruct each patient on the proper technique for performing each exercise in the individualized exercise program. We strive to continually improve our exercise techniques, learning new ones as they come out, and scrutinizing new fads. We will also cover posture and movement exercises, suggesting improvements for the patient that will provide added protection for the spine.