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What is Bursitis

Bursitis is inflammation of the bursae, which are fluid filled sacs that  acts like a cushion for your joints. More than 200,000 people suffer with bursitis every year and usually affects people that are older than 60.

The most common areas of the body that develop bursitis are the shoulder, elbow and hip. Bursitis can also happen at the knee, heel and the base of your big toe. It will often occur near joints that perform repetitive motions. Symptoms of bursitis include pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Treatment for Bursitis

Initial treatment for both bursitis includes to rest, ice, and elevate the injured area. Ice therapies, therapeutic ultrasound, and electric muscle stimulation help clear the inflammation associated with bursitis. Kinesio Tape and the Graston technique can help break up the inflammation associated with bursitis and that causes stiffness and can delay the healing process. Exercises will help retrain the muscles while chiropractic adjustments will retrain the joints move the way they were designed to move.

Dr. Gibson at RTP Chiropractic in Morrisville NC is highly trained and skilled to diagnosis bursitis. He will develop treatment recommendations as well as home instructions to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about the treatment options for these types of conditions, don’t hesitate to call the office at anytime.