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How Chiropractic Can Help

Why Chiropractic? Chiropractic is a safe, cost-effective, non-invasive, drug-free form of healthcare that helps prevent opioid addiction by avoiding addictive prescription drugs in the first place. Why does this matter? North Carolina contains 4 of the top 25 cities with the highest opioid abuse rates, including #1 Wilmington. However, with over 2000 licensed North Carolina […]

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Tech Neck and How Chiropractic Can Help

Dr. Gibson at RTP Chiropractic in Morrisville NC has treated many patients that experience neck pain from poor posture. The main goal is to relieve the pain associated with the poor posture. The next goal is to retrain the muscles and joints in the neck to function the way they were designed too. This can […]

Ribbon Cutting at RTP Chiropractic in Morrisville

We had a great turn out for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at RTP Chiropractic in Morrisville. I wanted to thank everyone that showed up as well as Tossed in Morrisville for catering the event. I also wanted to thank the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce for all their help with planning the event and allowing me […]

Who sees a Chiropractor

According to a new Gallup report commissioned by Palmer College of Chiropractic, 33.6 million U.S. adults (14 percent) seek chiropractic care each year. More than half of all U.S. adults have visited a chiropractor, and more than one quarter of them would choose chiropractic care first for back or neck pain. Want to learn more? […]

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Snow Removal Safety Tips

Before you start shoveling and scrapping the ice off your windshield, Dr. Gibson at RTP Chiropractic in Morrisville cautions you to consider the possible consequences: upper or lower back strain, neck strain and pain in the shoulders. Just as playing football or golf can injure your body, the twisting, turning, bending and reaching of shoveling can […]

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Exercise and Low Back Pain

  Exercise is the key to low back pain prevention and Dr. Gibson at RTP Chiropractic is an expert with customizing specific treatments to help you achieve your goals. Duke Medicine and the American Pain Foundation found that up to 30 percent of all Americans experience a decrease in quality of life, physical function, and […]

Osteoarthritis: Treatment goals and strategies

Osteoarthritis or better known as OA around most doctor’s offices and hospitals.  What is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis (OA) is a disease of the cartilage that cushions the ends of bones within a joint. It is the most common form of degenerative arthritis. This leads us to another important part of anatomy of the joint, the cartilage. […]